What we do
The House of Migrants is a center for emigration and genealogy research. The center is located in the province of Gävleborg. The work consists of building a database of the county's emigrants and immigrants and collecting local historical resource material. In this way, the history of our area comes alive.

Experience history in Alfta
At the House of Migrants in Alfta, a museum is constructed to showcase the emigration from this area and the religious cult "Ersk-Jansarna." We welcome visitors both in groups and individually and can offer guided tours and information about emigration in general. We also offer lectures about emigration, genealogical research and about how local history can be used in teaching.

Genealogy research
If you want to look for emigrants or relatives from the provinces of Gävleborg or Västernorrland, we can help you. You can either let us do the job or come here and do the research yourself with the help of our material. We also offer courses in genealogy research if you need help to get started. We sell books and booklets about emigration.




The House of Migrants is a part of the old farm of Ol-Anders. For more information about Ol-Anders and other "Hälsingegårdar", visit their homepage:

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